Crucial Memory Mechanic

Crucial Memory Mechanic 1.0

Upgrades and optimizes computer RAM setups
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iolo technologies, LLC

The suite identifies the current RAM of a computer and fixes fragmenting errors. It works with different hardware models and performs defragmentation operations, displays all captured errors and memory holes, controls startup and shutdown processes, etc.

Like your hard drive memory, your RAM can become fragmented. Although RAM differs from your hard drive memory in that the information in your RAM is erased when you turn off power to your system, users who don't shut down their PCs very often can end up with unused "holes" of space or with loose bits of data that have "spilled over" from larger chunks of data.
That's why Crucial is partnering with Iolo Technologies to bring you free access to Memory Mechanic, a downloadable system memory defragmentation and optimization tool for PCs. In just seconds, Memory Mechanic can identify and reallocate fragmented areas of your RAM and also determine if you need additional RAM to run your system at optimal levels.

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